Why Do Christians Pray, “Thy Kingdom Come”?

Why Do Christians Pray, “Thy Kingdom Come”?

“Thy kingdom come” is a daring prayer! We affirm that the world is not right and that we suffer under a cruel rebellion in which we are all complicit. We pray also that all people will own Jesus as King and bring their lives under his protection and rule. “Kiss the Son…blessed are all who take refuge in him” (Ps. 2:12). And we pray that King Jesus will hasten to return to set all things right in this broken and rebellious world.

Thy kingdom come… — Matthew 6:10 (NASB 1977)

Look on the back of any Australian coin and you will be reminded that, though we are ruled by the Federal Government, Elizabeth II is still our Head of State. She is the Queen of Australia.

Everyone knows, however, that though Elizabeth has a great title and honor, she has no actual power. For this reason, though we associate kings and queens with pomp and circumstance, we do not associate them with true power.

God owns the universe and all who live in it.

In biblical times kings wielded real power. They owned the land and the loyalty of their people, and truly ruled them. Legislative, executive, and judicial power, rather than being separated as it is in Australia, was seated in one person wearing one crown.

So, when the Bible describes God as King, it means us to understand that God owns the universe and all who live in it, and rules absolutely.

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