Why I Still Share the Bible with People Who Don’t Believe It

Why I Still Share the Bible with People Who Don’t Believe It

The sword of the Spirit is the word of God, so let’s continue to believe what God says, not only in His word, but what He says about His word. Let’s use that living and active word, and let it judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart. May God save many souls through the preaching of the gospel.

We used to go regularly to one of the local colleges to share the gospel with students. At this particular place, it was super common to hear, “I don’t believe the Bible. It’s just a book written by men.” Honestly, we heard it so often that I was suspicious that all of the students had been coached to say it. And if you’ve shared the gospel any amount of time, you almost certainly have come across this same objection. The temptation is to say, “Well if they don’t believe the Bible, then I need to find another way to share the gospel.” I want to emphatically say, NO! I want to give three reasons why I still share the Bible with people who don’t believe it.

God’s Word is Powerful

If someone says that they do not believe God’s word, at what point does their opinion alter the effectiveness of God’s word? Hear this: “For the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword” (Heb 4:12). God’s word is living. It is active. It is sharp. God has never asked permission for His word to be powerful. It is powerful, irrespective of what someone believes. Someone’s lack of belief in its sharpness does not dull the blade one bit. So if someone says that they don’t believe the Word is sharp, I just purpose to start slicing and say, “Let’s find out.”

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