Why Jesus Says the Last Days Will Be Like the “Days of Noah”

Episode 1418 | Adriel Sanchez and Bill Maier answer caller questions.

Show Notes


  1. Do my baptized children still need to profess their own faith in Jesus?   2. How can I know if God is leading me to change how I serve in the church?   3. Why does Jesus say that the last days will be like the “days of Noah”?   4. Are my good relationships in a church a good reason to stay?   5. Does God bless some people with knowledge more than others?       Today’s Offer: 7 TRUTHS ABOUT MARITAL SEX   Want to partner with us in our work here at Core Christianity? Consider becoming a member of the Inner Core.   View our latest special offers here or call 1-833-THE-CORE (833-843-2673) to request them by phone.

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