Would You Consider Becoming a Patron?

Would You Consider Becoming a Patron?

I have been blogging at Challies.com on a daily basis for just over 18 years now. That long commitment has allowed me to write thousands of articles and hundreds of book reviews while also sending millions of visitors to other sites through the daily A La Carte feature. While I have also written a number of books and filmed quite a lot of videos, the blog has always remained the “main thing.” Over the past few years much of the site’s content has also been translated to Spanish and other languages—a fact that brings me great joy.

One of my great desires through this time has been to freely give away as much as possible. I intend for it to always remain entirely free for all who visit. While for obvious reasons I cannot give away my books, I’ve made it my goal to ensure that just about everything else has been freely and widely distributed. This has been possible largely because of advertisers. However, as the internet continues to develop and the advertising market continues to shift, this is no longer quite as easy as it once was. Similarly, affiliate programs are generally becoming weaker, not stronger, over time.

This is where patrons come in. Patreon provides a means of linking content producers (like me) with supporters (like you). I believe a model like this is key to a sustainable path into the future for sites like mine.

To that end, just about once a year I like to ask those who regularly read this site to prayerfully consider supporting me by becoming a patron. By supporting me with even a very modest monthly gift, you will be able to be part of this ongoing work. Funds donated will be used to support my family and to help create great content or to otherwise improve, support, and enhance Challies.com. In one way or another they will all be used to allow me to continue to do what I have been doing for these past 18 years.

Please understand that I intend for Challies.com to always remain entirely free. In fact, patrons help ensure that it always remains that way.

Thank you for considering becoming a patron of Challies.com. Your support means so much to me.

(I’m also sometimes asked about one-time gifts. If that is of interest to you, they can be forwarded by PayPal or by check to the mailing address listed here.)


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