A La Carte (August 31)

A La Carte (August 31)

I am looking forward to the 2023 Grace and Truth Conference in Launceston, Tasmania in early October. I hope to see many of you there!

P&R’s Reformed Expository Commentary series is one of my favorites. They’ve just added volumes on Genesis and 2 Corinthians and, to mark the occasion, Westminster Books has discounted the entire series.

There is a small collection of Kindle deals for you to peruse.

(Yesterday on the blog: We Don’t Celebrate the Tool)

We Need Restorative Rest

“During the seventh century, the longbow became a formative weapon. However, if you wanted your longbow to last, you would have to take the string off the bow, releasing the tension, and let it rest after the battle was over. If the bow was left in tension all the time, it would become deformed and unable to shoot arrows. The unending tension weakened the bow. The same is true of us.”

How to Live for God Through the What-If Game

This article considers the ways we can play the “what-if game” and, through it, hamper our faith.

Salvation in Christ from Beginning to End

Petrus van Mastricht’s Theoretical-Practical Theology: Redemption in Christ plums the depths of God’s great work of obtaining redemption in our Mediator. Starting with the covenant of grace, Mastricht addresses the dignity, names, person, offices, states, and redemptive accomplishments of Jesus Christ. (Sponsored Link)

10 Tips for Preaching Students

“As a new semester begins at Bible colleges and seminaries, many students look forward to taking their first preaching course.” Here are some helpful tips for preaching students.

A Better Priest Than the Ones Before

“According to Leviticus 13–14, contact with a skin-diseased person would make you ritually unclean for a time. Well, at least it would make someone unclean who could become unclean. What if someone wouldn’t become unclean if they touched a skin-diseased person?” That’s a question Jesus answered.

Why do Asians Make Me Take Off My Shoes?

Sam Chan asks why Asians have you take your shoes off before you enter their house (as do Canadians, as it happens) and then draws a lesson from it.

Ligon Duncan Held an Umbrella

This is just a fun and simple little article, but one worth reading.

Flashback: That Time I Went After an Older, Godlier Man

While a right acknowledgement and right assessment of my youth should have constrained me, a total failure to acknowledge and assess my youth empowered me.

Sometimes providences, like Hebrew letters, must be read backward. —John Flavel

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