A La Carte (December 26)

A La Carte (December 26)

I trust you enjoyed your Christmas as we did—remembering the birth of Jesus and spending time with friends and family. The Lord is good to give us days of rest and celebration.

I wasn’t able to track down new Kindle deals before scheduling this post for 12:01 AM, but I did add some good ones yesterday. I will check again in the morning.

You will need to set aside a few minutes to read this article, but I think you’ll find it rewarding. The author essentially sets out a theology of getting fired for your faith.

Chad Van Dixhoorn considers the qualifications for elders (which are character expectations for all Christians) and focuses on a couple we are perhaps prone to ignore.

When discussing the specifics of church missions programs, it is critical to begin by understanding the motivation behind missions. Properly understanding “God’s Mission” will result in a more deeply rooted mission program and, ultimately, a more effective gospel witness. So, today, The Master’s Academy International (TMAI) is offering How to Build an Effective Missions Program as a free ebook. Download your copy today at tmai.org/challies to develop a strategy for an effective missions program in your church. (Sponsored Link)

Justin Poythress: “In a sense, all of our lives are waiting. Waiting to grow up. Waiting to leave home. Waiting to finish school. Waiting to get married. Waiting to have children. Waiting for those children to grow up and fly the nest. Waiting for your first job. Waiting for your career. Waiting for your dream job.” And so on.

I really appreciate the heart of this article—to not immediately dull the impact of a passage by too quickly interpreting it through the lens of systematic theology.

“Last month, the Lord convicted me that my giving is like that of the rich men in the temple – they were happy to give from their excess because it didn’t pinch them. But the poor widow gave God her all. The little she gave was everything she had. She might not have had enough for her next meal, but Jesus saw her sacrificial offering and honoured it.” That is worth pondering.

This call to honestly applies to pastors, but to everyone else as well.

“So when I am weary in body, and sinking in spirit I say, all the toils of the road will seem nothing, when I get to the end of the way.”

If [God] had perceived that our greatest need was health, he would have sent us a doctor. But he perceived that our greatest need involved our sin, our alienation from him, our profound rebellion, our death; and he sent us a Savior.

—D.A. Carson

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