A La Carte (February 21)

A La Carte (February 21)

Happy Family Day to my fellow Canadians (who live in provinces that mark it). Happy Monday to everyone else!

Today’s Kindle deals include some excellent books for teens and young adults.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Power of True Holiness)

The Netflix Dilemma

“The ‘post-liberal’ condition we’re experiencing is, I think, closely tied to the choice dilemma. In other words, when human beings experience maximal self-determining liberty AND a virtually limitless set of options, more often than not the result will be frustration, not happiness.”

Pornography Use Is Becoming an ‘Acceptable’ Sin

“A recent poll shows pornography is affecting relationships between men and women—and reveals how indulging in porn is becoming an acceptable sin.” Joe Carter expresses concern.

The Curious Ways of God

“The other week I came across one of those sayings that sticks in your mind and makes you think: ‘An expert hits a target no-one else can hit; a genius hits a target no-one else can see.’ It struck me that there is a third level we could add: ‘the Lord hits a target no-one else can even imagine.’” I like that…

A Path for Marrying and Burying

“If you let them give me an Islamic funeral, I’ll come back and haunt all of you!” So begins a thought-provoking reflection from Central Asia.

Distinguished by Delight

“We long to be distinguished, to stand apart, to feel above from the crowds. As such, it is not surprising that an honorable way to introduce a famous or elite person is to say, ‘Please welcome the distinguished….’”

The State of a Heart

Melissa writes about the state of her heart (using more than one sense of the term).

Flashback: Something Left Undone

Longfellow’s “Something Left Undone” deals honestly with the reality that some things will always remain undone and that these incomplete tasks eventually become part of the burden we carry through life. I trust you’ll enjoy it as I did.

Your suffering does not define you. His does. —Dane Ortlund

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