A La Carte (February 9)

A La Carte (February 9)

Good morning, my friends. May the God of peace be with you today.

Carl Trueman: “Human history indicates that the self-evident nonsense of an idea is seldom a barrier to it becoming the dominant philosophy of its age. That man is born free and is everywhere in chains is one. That sex is a cost-free, light recreation is another. And we are paying a heavy price for this sexual fantasy.” (If this link fails due to spam protections, just click the A La Carte heading above to visit my site.)

There are some interesting thoughts here on the different challenges of big and small churches. “In short, house churches will need intentional organizing and big churches will need intentional multiplying. Left to themselves, most house churches will naturally multiply, but will not naturally organize. And big churches will naturally organize, but not naturally multiply.”

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Kim Riddelbarger describes the basics of the second coming of Jesus Christ. “The biblical account of the redemption of our fallen race takes many twists and turns throughout the course of redemptive history. But the story comes to a glorious resolution when we come to the final chapter. There is indeed coming a day when all injustices will be made right, all human suffering will cease, when every tear will be wiped from our eyes, and death will be no more.”

Somewhat similarly, Jonny Raine answers some questions about the life beyond. “A few weeks ago, we asked on social media what questions people had about the life beyond. Unfortunately I don’t have space to tackle all the questions, nor do I have the space to answer them in the depth they deserve. Yet, as a starting point, these are the answers I would give to the frequently asked questions about the life beyond.”

John Beeson takes a look at the strange story of the witch of Endor. He works toward this application: “While most of us are probably not in jeopardy of disobeying God’s commandment to consult a medium (please don’t!), many of us are in danger of what led Saul to take this action—an over-the-top longing for God’s direction.”

Are boycotts biblical? Are they possibly unbiblical? This is a clarifying look at the questions.

God will no more fulfill half a promise than build half a tower and no more come through on half a vow than fight half a battle.

Great sins draw out great grace; and where guilt is most terrible and fierce, there the mercy of God in Christ…appears most high and mighty.

—John Bunyan

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