A La Carte (January 1)

A La Carte (January 1)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you today and for the duration of the year that has just begun. May this be a year in which you know so many of the Lord’s sweet blessings.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Happiest Year You Will Ever Know)

This is a strong column from Andrew Walker. “Has anyone else noticed that many Christian journalists have gone more or less silent on issues of cultural controversy that intersect with the so-called culture war? For example, I haven’t heard an affirmation of the exclusivity of Christ, the inerrancy of Scripture, or biblical views on abortion or sexuality in years from many who write at these outlets. When was the last time one of these writers picked up their pen or used their platform to defend the interests of conservative Evangelicals in any meaningful way, even if it put them at odds with their cosmopolitan readership?”

Ed Welch considers ways we may unintentionally hurt the very people we are trying to comfort.

“What will your New Year’s resolution be for 2024? It’s a question probably equal parts hated and anticipated. Some people look forward to this season every year as an opportunity to reflect and reset. Others feel guilt from the hauntings of failed resolutions past and would rather glide into the new year without disruption to the status quo. But how should the disciple of Christ treat this season?”

I enjoyed this conversation between Greg Koukl and Amy Hall. They discuss whether the fact that Christianity isn’t necessarily easy to understand or defend means that it’s not true.

Andrew Kerr offers comfort for people who may be experiencing sorrow. “If God’s heavy hand weighs heavily on your heart, or the sweet narrative of your life has been soured by a bitter taste, recall, precious lamb, your story isn’t finished yet – the author of your tale, from birth, through death, to life, knew how your story concluded before the beginning of the age.”

Dayo Adewoye: “The African Christian has a distinct challenge. He (and she) stands amidst two different systems which daily war against his soul. And in his desire to be faithful to Christ, he must faithfully and discerningly wage the war against them.”

Happy New Year! Here is a prayer I found in Heart Cries to Heaven by David Campbell. It seemed very appropriate for the start of a new year.

The happiest home is not one which has never known grief—but one whose songs of gladness have in them a minor strain.

—J.R. Miller

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