A La Carte (January 25)

A La Carte (January 25)

The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you today, my friends.

Why, yes, there are some new Kindle deals today.

(Yesterday on the blog: It’s Okay To Just Pray)

“Seeing our children suffer through trials can be extremely difficult. Even parents who are well-equipped to cope with their own problems often find themselves feeling helpless when their child is the one hurting. How can we shepherd our children through adversity in a healthy, God-honoring way? When troubles find our children, here are three ways we can support them.”

“In an age where the tap of a finger brings a cascade of momentary images and sounds, TikTok epitomizes the ephemeral nature of our digital interactions. For billions of people across the globe, this social media platform provides a torrent of never-ending content, where each video is but a momentary ripple soon lost in the stream of ceaseless novelty.” Joe Carter explains the importance of redeeming time in an age like this one.

Doug writes for those who may have been deceived into thinking that all is well with their souls.

Yes, it’s true. If you are in Christ, God is for you, no matter where, who, or what.

There are many reasons Christians should oppose abortion, but in this article Robb Brunansky focuses on three of the most important.

Andrea recounts and celebrates the fact that Jesus led a very ordinary, everyday life.

Ultimately, if there is to be comfort, it will not be grounded in the hope that nothing bad will happen to me or to the people I love, but in the perfect God whose perfect character is displayed in his perfect will.

…what we do with Jesus’ words is a great sign-post of our true identity and our eternal destiny.

—Alistair Begg

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