A La Carte (January 3)

A La Carte (January 3)

Logos users, you’ve got a lot to look at today. You’ve got until January 6 to save through the 12 Days of Logos sale. Then you’ve also got a New Year’s Sale and this month’s free and nearly-free books which include some really solid titles. So have at it!

“I heard you set a goal for the new year to read Scripture more faithfully. That’s great! But I was also told that now you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. You want to be in the Word, but you’re just not quite sure how that’s going to work. I get it; and if I could, I’d like to offer you a couple of pieces of advice.” The advice is good!

Andy Stearns writes about the worst year of his life and helpfully distinguishes between the cloud and the crowd of witnesses. “2023 was a terrible year for me and my family. One of the worst things that could happen, did. Yes, I recognize that every bad situation could be worse. I recognize that others have gone through even more terrible and grievous situations. And at the same time, for my family, 2023 really has been the worst thing to take place. But I say that while trusting God.”

You should still have some of your monthly free articles available to read this important column at World magazine. “Like many young professional athletes, Edwards is wrestling with the trappings of wealth and fame. Recently, an Instagram model, Paige Jordae, published, on her social media account, screenshots of a text conversation she had with the NBA star.”

I keep running across the book The Great Dechurching but haven’t yet gotten around to reading it. This review by Michael Lawrence seems to cover its main strengths and weaknesses very well. This insight is one I need to think about more: “Moving is one of the most dangerous things a churchgoer can do.”

“Lately this question has been challenging my heart: would I rather have a knowledge of the future and an ability to control it in some way; or will I be content with the opportunity to learn to trust in and know Jesus in deeper ways?” This is a question all of us would do well to ponder.

This article will probably mostly apply to the Type-A personalities! But it includes a good structure for starting this new year with strength.

…we inhabit a world of sin where any trait or quality can be used for God-glorifying ends or for self-glorifying ends. Not only that, but God calls us to be always willing to deny our desires in order to serve others.

Reading the Bible isn’t just reading words on a page but listening to one who loves us more than life itself, and who has a very clear agenda for our lives and our world.

—Gary Millar

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