A La Carte (May 17)

A La Carte (May 17)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

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Ever Yours, Sin

Here’s a fresh take on sin and sanctification: A letter from sin to the redeemed soul.

The History Of Transformation Church And Mike Todd (Video)

This is a really interesting look at Mike Todd and Transformation Church. (Also, here’s Todd Friel on How Sitting Under Weak Preaching Actually Puts You In Danger)

Get Acquainted with a Forgotten Treasure

Although William Burkitt is not well-known in our day, he was known and acclaimed in days past as an especially brilliant expositor and commentator. His Expository Notes, with Practical Observations, on the New Testament is being reprinted and Derek Thomas says, “Generations to come will now profit from his exceptionally good comments.” (Sponsored)

Your Physical Health is a Spiritual Issue

“There are many things as a pastor that are difficult to speak about. Divorce is one of those, for instance, because so many people are impacted by divorce. Increasingly, all sexual ethics are challenging to speak about because there are often homosexual people in our audiences or people who are living with someone who isn’t their spouse.”

Serving God in Unglamorous Places

I appreciate Stephen Steele’s call for pastors to consider ministry in places less glamorous than big cities.

Secondary Enemy

Counselor Crystal Kershaw writes about a counselee who “fought a fierce battle to overcome a troublesome pattern of sin in her life. It was a significant struggle, but she fought hard with the weapons of truth, humility, and faith. Through Christ’s resurrection power, she gained victory. Yet now she finds herself attacked by a secondary enemy, an unexpected one.”

Treasures of Darkness

Donna writes about some of the treasures of the darkness she has experienced lately.

Flashback: How Many Loves Have You Experienced Today?

The God who loves created a world of love. What a pleasure it is to live in this world, his world, and to experience love as both a giver and a receiver of its infinite forms.

Affliction is a bitter root, but it bears sweet fruit. —Thomas Watson

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