A La Carte (November 2)

A La Carte (November 2)

I am still in Unalaska, Alaska. That’s three days now in which no flights have been able to land. As much as I am enjoying the place and people, I’m ready to get home!

This month Logos is offering a Get Logos 10, Give Logos 10 deal. They are also offering weekly specials as they approach Black Friday. This week you can get deals on a good number of commentaries, theological resources, and so on. Finally, don’t forget to look at their free and nearly free books for the month.

There is another huge list of Kindle deals today. It includes a long list of general market books.

(Yesterday on the blog: Living Sorrows and Departed Joys)

Train Up a Child

“For years, I looked at Proverbs 22:6 as a promise from God. I believed if I taught my children the truths of the Word of God, they would turn out right and never rebel.” Dianna corrects herself and offers some items for reflection.

Divine Infinity (Video)

In this brief explainer video, Kevin DeYoung explains God’s infinity.

Should Evangelicals Pray with Roman Catholics?

Leonardo De Chirico considers joint prayer meetings between Protestants and Roman Catholics. “As I speak at conferences on Roman Catholicism worldwide and how Evangelicals should relate to it, a question often arises: ‘What about joint prayer? Could or should Evangelicals pray with Roman Catholics?’ Let me offer my rules of thumb as I wrestle with the issue.”

75 Theses on Pastoral Ministry

J.A. Medders offers a long list of 75 theses on pastoral ministry.

Is “Mental Illness” a Helpful Label?

“Considerable controversy has arisen over the label ‘mental illness’ and whether or when such a label should be used.” Tom Karel and David Murray consider whether it’s a helpful label and whether, therefore, we ought to use it.

Psalm Singing: The Church’s Punk Rock

The title might be a little over the top, but the article itself is a good one. It explains why churches ought to include psalms in the selections they sing in their worship services.

Flashback: If God Is Not Sovereign…

Unless God is sovereign we look to the future with uncertainty rather than confidence, with hope that is shaky and trepidatious rather than firmly fixed.

God’s glory and our good are not mutually exclusive. —Erik Raymond

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