A La Carte (October 18)

A La Carte (October 18)

May the Lord be with you and bless you today, my friends.

Westminster Books has a deal this week on an excellent new book about Psalm 23. They’ve got another batch of good books discounted as well.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite J.I. Packer books is on sale today in the Kindle edition.

The Mission Field We Don’t Think About

“When I discuss the need for Christians to minister in care facilities, most people are unaware of how bad the situation is. Many picture large facilities with clean, private rooms and resident chaplains paid to provide pastoral care. Such facilities are outliers.” This is an important article from TGC.

Retirement: The New Afterlife?

I suppose this article at least somewhat relates to the previous one. “It used to be that people believed in an afterlife. The Christian hope is that ‘the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us’ (Romans 8:18). But take away the hope of a glorious future beyond this life and we have to try and find it here and now.”

What Is Effeminacy? A Survey of Scripture and History

The term effeminate has made a comeback in recent years, but in this article Steven Wedgeworth shows that many people are not using it within its historical context.

Be A Man, Go To Church

Anne Kennedy offers some interesting reflections inspired by Nancy Pearcey’s The Toxic War on Masculinity.

How does Reformed theology view the future of Israel compared to dispensationalism? (Video)

Here is a timely answer to a question many are asking: What does Reformed theology have to say about the future of Israel? And how does that differ from dispensationalism?

Rebuked by Blessing

“Have you ever been rebuked by bananas? Probably not. But Darlene Deibler was.” That sounds like a story worth reading, doesn’t it?

Flashback: Extending the Borders and Enlarging the Territory

Day by day we take more and more of the vast possession that is ours in Christ. And always and ever we look with expectation to the day the battles will finally be over, the land will finally be fully conquered, and we shall reign forever with Him.

If you neglected to water your garden, you would not wonder for a moment why it was drying up. Then, when you are neglecting to water the soul in vigorous, spiritual exercises, why do you wonder at your being so spiritually dull? —Charles Ebert Orr

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