A La Carte (October 20)

A La Carte (October 20)

Good morning from Louisville, Kentucky where I’m spending some time with my girls and preparing to speak at Third Avenue Baptist Church (first at a men’s retreat, then at Sunday School and Sunday morning worship).

Two Little Words that Mean So Much

Barnabas Piper focuses on two little words that we could easily miss as we read a familiar passage in the Bible.

Should Women ‘Work at Home’? How to Understand and Apply Titus 2:5

Bill Mounce takes a long and thorough look at Titus 2:5 and the instruction for women to “work at home.” He does a great job of accounting for both the Greek word and the cultural context. He also applies it to the modern world.

‘All You Want to Do Is Worship’: A Student Reflects on 8 Months After Asbury

I enjoyed this account from one of the young people who drove to the Asbury Revival. (Do you even remember the Asbury Revival? Time flies…) “Since last year, I’ve often been asked how all this changed my life. But God is a frustratingly elusive subject to pin down with words. So I won’t describe the Outpouring here. I only want you to imagine it with me.”

50 Preaching Tips in 15 Minutes

H.B. Charles offers a long series of preaching tips in a brief amount of time.

The Role of Women in Healthy Church Formation

Madeline Arthington provides “twelve examples of how women can help the church based on my experience in a Central Asian congregation. From a church planting perspective, my thoughts are limited. I’ve served in only one country with one language. My context has always been Muslim and is driven by honor and shame. But I hope my reflections encourage women to actively pursue the health and growth of their local church.”

Whatever Happened to Satan?

Trevin Wax: “How can anyone preach Jesus without mentioning judgment? How do you deal with his parables? With his constant and consistent warnings about perdition? With his either-ors and contrasts? Even if you fashion yourself a ‘red-letter Christian’ who waves off Paul and the other apostles, you can’t miss the red letters that warn about destruction and losing your soul, images of a worm that won’t die and a fire that never goes out.”

Flashback: How To Discover and Deploy Your Gifts

The area of spiritual gifts is one that seems to come and go, to ebb and flow, in the life of the church…I was blessed to read some of Sinclair Ferguson’s thoughts on the matter (from his book Maturity). Here is what he has to say about the matter.

All the tomorrows of our life have to pass Him before they can get to us. —F.B. Meyer

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