A La Carte (September 13)

A La Carte (September 13)

Good morning from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where I’ve stopped just briefly as I make my way to Johannesburg, South Africa and, from there, to Kitwe, Zambia. I’ve got lots of miles still to go!

I forgot to mention that I added some Christian and general market Kindle deals yesterday. Eventually I’ll be looking for feedback on whether you’re enjoying the general market deals as well.

In Praise of the Tiny Church

“The tiny churches have so much more to offer God than we think. Many of us would consider a church of a dozen people to be hopeless. Many would claim that they should shut the doors and go elsewhere. But I have seen the greatness of God in the small places, in the few faithful members of little churches. Why would we ever believe that He only works where there are more people? Hasn’t He proven to us over and over again that He takes the small and the weak and He demonstrates His power in this way?”

Hey Christians: Let’s All Give Two Cheers For Nominalism

Here is an interestingly contrarian article about nominal Christians. “If you’re a Christian leader looking to evangelise, don’t celebrate the demise of nominal Christianity or seek to hasten it yourself, as if somehow that will give us a fresh slate. Churches and gospel faith die out completely in some parts of the world.”

Rob Ventura Interviewed on His New Commentary on Romans

RBNet Coordinator Mark Chanski interviews Rob Ventura about his new commentary saying that as he read it, the commentary reminded him of Spurgeon’s famous commentary on the Psalms entitled The Treasury of David. (Sponsored Link)

Gathering Application

This is a very helpful and challenging article about preachers and their application.

Why I’ve Stopped Using the Word “Gender”

Alan Shlemon explains why he has stopped using the word “gender” in conversations with others.

Man Shall Not Live by Online Bread Alone

“Friendship is the real thing. Social media is a supplement. The only reason social media gives you the feeling of friendship is because you already know what real friendship is.” Trevin explains why this matters to our participation in the local church.

Our Culture’s Unbelief (and Belief) in Sin

“Have you ever heard the adage, ‘Every day things change. But basically they stay the same’? The words first found my ears in the 1990s, in a song from the Dave Matthew’s Band. And I’d forgotten them until recently. Typically, these words suggest a sort of defeatism, a ‘stuckness’ in our life experience. But they might also help us discern our cultural moment by pointing out what we’re otherwise blind to.”

Flashback: The Song I Sing in the Darkness

Though the shepherd must lead his sheep into the darkness, lead them through an unknown valley, they will go, for he is with them. Their fears are soothed by his strength, their uncertainty by his presence.

If you have sensible parents, take them into your confidence in all the affairs of the heart. They will give you more good advice in one hour than you can get from all the world besides in five years. —De Witt Talmage

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