A La Carte (September 19)

A La Carte (September 19)

Good morning from Cairo, Egypt. I am making my way from the south of Africa to the north, and that involves a day and a night in Cairo. I am looking forward to joining a friend who will take me to explore the city.

(Yesterday on the blog: Something as Flimsy as Stone)

Rescuing Abraham

This is quite an interesting take on Abraham’s decision to tell people that Sarah was his wife. Was this a lie? And was it necessarily a sign of weak faith? Even if you don’t agree with the article, I think it will help your understanding of the context.

Treasure in Jars of Clay

“As a missionary, I often feel like family members, friends, and supporters put us on a pedestal. That my sacrifice and calling as a missionary in Uganda are far beyond what any ‘normal’ Christian would be able to manage.” This story is meant to counter that notion and praise God for his grace.

Are People Basically Good?

“It is commonplace to hear the statement, ‘people are basically good.’ Though it is admitted that no one is perfect, human wickedness is minimized. Yet if people are basically good, why is sin so universal?” Ligonier answers this well.

The Strong Woman of Proverbs 31

“In Proverbs 31 we find the marvelous poem about the strong woman. And by this elaborate and tightly written poem, we will not only be swept up in the wise talents and virtues of women, but we will also learn more about our Savior.” This lengthy article could form the basis of a solid study on the passage.

A Fellowship of the Flawed

Susan Narjala: “When we moved back to India from the US eight years ago, we knew that finding a church would be high on our priority list. Along with a hunger for God’s Word, my husband and I sensed a deep hunger for community. After living abroad for over a decade, we were back home. And we longed for the church community to be our extended family.”

Stones of Remembrance: Journaling Through Life’s Challenges

Doug tells how journaling (or blogging) through life’s challenges has proven an important discipline.

Flashback: Emerging From Our Trials Unscathed

Our trials should make us better, not worse…We may emerge from them with broken bodies and broken hearts, but should never emerge from them with broken vows, broken honor, broken character.

Look for Christ and you will find Him, and with Him, everything else. —C.S. Lewis

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