A La Carte (September 6)

A La Carte (September 6)

Here’s your occasional reminder that the complete collection of the quote graphics I share each day is available (categorized, organized, and completely free to download in high resolution) at SquareQuotes.church.

Is pastoral work uniquely difficult?

Andrew Roycroft has a good and helpful response to a recent article that made a splash. Is pastoral work uniquely difficult? No, yes, and it’s complicated, he says. (Also, don’t forget that if pastoral work has unique difficulties it also has unique blessings…)

Remember King Jesus

Trevin Wax: “There’s a command in the New Testament we ought to lift up as the orienting aspiration for our lives. It’s from the apostle Paul just before his execution, in the last of his letters. It’s given to Timothy, his son in the faith, alongside other instructions for Christian life and leadership.”

Preemptive Parenting in Proverbs 1:

Mitchell Chase looks to Proverbs to consider the importance of preemptive parenting.

Pride will destroy you, your ministry, and people around you

This article turns to an Old Testament example to sound the warning about pride.


“Concatenation. When you learn a cool theological word like concatenation, you want to drop it in conversation all the time! Of course, there aren’t many contexts that concatenation fits right into. Throwing it around also sounds pretty pretentious, so I’ve contained my use of concatenation to sessions. As it represents a key aspect of growth in sanctification, it’s quite useful there.”

On Converting Our Fears into Requests and Living for God Through Christ

This is a keen observation about the verse we tend to quote when we consider our fears. “Perhaps one of the most important observations to make about this passage is that the test of someone’s faithfulness in handling fear is not in not experiencing it but in what one does with it. It is too easy to pat ourselves on the back for not being anxious about anything.”

Flashback: Parent Love and Grandparent Love

I beg you: Please pray! Please intercede before God on their behalf. Perhaps you can simply commit that you will pray for each of your grandchildren each day. And perhaps you can let them know that you have made that commitment

If we do not believe in hell—if we think the only justice and retribution to be had is in this life—then we must take revenge into our own hands. Without hell, justice must be forcibly executed by us, or it will not be executed at all. —Dane Ortlund

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