Are You the One? The Faithfulness of Christ

In Matthew 11, we see this incredible scene of John the Baptist questioning whether or not Jesus is the promised Messiah. This is the man who had prepared the way for Christ. He was the final Old Covenant prophet. He had stood before kings and refused to turn from the truth. That’s why he was in prison.

But this strong, faithful man had questions and doubts. The fact he had doubts isn’t the only important detail of this passage, we also need to see what he did with those doubts. He took them to Jesus Christ. He asked Jesus directly the questions that burdened his soul.

And Jesus chose to answer John in an interesting way. It wasn’t simply, “Yes.” It was pointing John to the Old Testament passages he already knew so well, but shifting his perspective on them.

In this week’s episode of The Whole Counsel, Dr. John Snyder, author of the Behold Your God series and an elder of Christ Church New Albany, teaches us how we are to apply this scene of Scripture to our lives. What do we do when we have questions? What dangers are there when we are facing difficult questions in our souls? And what do we do when we receive an answer we weren’t expecting?

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