Christian Teacher Fired for Refusing to Hide “Gender Transitions” from Parents

Christian Teacher Fired for Refusing to Hide “Gender Transitions” from Parents

Not only do public school administrators demand that educators keep key, life-changing information about children from their parents—they’ll fire teachers who refuse to lie. 

(LifeSiteNews—Over the past several months, we’ve published several stories in this space on the common public-school practice of hiding information about children going through gender transition from parents. This practice of secrecy is standard across Canada’s public school system and much of the UK system; the New York Times published a journalistic essay admitting that this has become common across the United States, as well.  

The view of the transgender movement—that children need to be protected from their parents by ideologues posing as educators who assist them in changing their gender—has become the de facto regime in many countries.

In previous reporting, we’ve looked at the way these policies have impacted children and parents and examined how teachers participate in and facilitate the indoctrination of their students. A recent story, however, highlights the reality that teachers who may not want to participate in these policies also face great risks. In fact, California teacher Jessica Tapia, who has been a tenured physical education teacher at the Jurupa Valley High School for more than six years, has recently come under fire from students and staff over her views on gender ideology.  

Tapia is a Christian and has made posts on social media about gender ideology in the past. Students combed through her posts and sent them to school administrators claiming that they constituted “unsafe conduct,” earning Tapia a warning from the district.

According to media reports, students who opposed her views on gender ideology launched a coordinated campaign and began monitoring her online statements and occasionally commenting. She was permitted to return to work after her first warning, but the reprieve did not last long.  

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