Expository Thoughts: Creation and New Creation in Ephesians

Expository Thoughts: Creation and New Creation in Ephesians

The fact that we are able to express the faith that justifies is only a consequence of the fact that we have been regenerated from spiritual death. The ordo salutis needs to shape our theological understanding of salvation. The emphasis on creation-new creation also highlights the sovereignty of God in salvation. It anchors and grounds the doctrine of predestination in Ephesians.

One of the things I had not noticed before in Ephesians is the importance of the creation-new creation dynamic. It comes at significant points in the letter. 

1v4 – God’s election of his people before the creation of the world 

2v9 – salvation (=from spiritual death to resurrection life) is new creation in Christ Jesus 

2v15 – unity of Jews and Gentiles in the church is the creation of a new humanity in Christ 

3v9 – God’s eternal plan to unite Jesus and Gentiles in Christ was from eternity before he created all things 

4v24 – the Christian life is a process of putting on the new self re-created to be in the image of God in true righteousness and holiness 

5v30 – the pattern for submission between husbands and wives is rooted in the original good creation and reflects God’s eternal purpose that the church as wife of Christ will submit to her loving husband 

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