Find Hope in the Midst of Grief When You Read ‘Seasons of Sorrow.’


For all the challenges we face in life, nothing is more difficult than losing someone we love. And when the loss is unexpected or tragic, our faith can surely be put to the test. In Seasons of Sorrow: The Pain of Loss and the Comfort of God, pastor and Christian blogger Tim Challies tells a story of unthinkable loss— the sudden death of his twenty-year-old son—and how he kept the Gospel in view as he grieved.  

This compelling book is about balancing sorrow and hope. Through a collection of vivid reflections from the “year of firsts,” Seasons of Sorrow explores what the process of grieving looks like when we’re overcome by pain and heartache yet, at the same time, seeking to trust God’s will. Writing through all four seasons following his son’s death, Tim shares with heart-stirring openness about his reliance on God. Seasons of Sorrow chronicles in detail what it was like for him and his family to experience the first Christmas and birthday after their loss, as well as other days that were supposed to be special in his son’s life. The book is a collection of journal entries, blog posts, notes, and letters that document how they sought God’s comfort through the darkest of days.  

Raw and authentic, this remarkable book will show you how to remain focused on Christ when you go through a traumatic experience or when you walk alongside others who do.  

Alistair said of his friend’s book, “Tim Challies has taken us into his confidence by writing with such self-searching honesty. It is a painful pleasure to be invited into these sacred moments of grief and to be helped by the reminder that God is too kind to ever be cruel and too wise ever to make a mistake.” 

If you or someone you know is in a season of sorrow, this moving book will point you to the hope of the Gospel. 

Watch Tim Challies talk with Alistair Begg and Bob Lepine about Seasons of Sorrow.


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