Grace and Law VI: The harmony between Moses and Jesus

Scripture often draws a sharp contrast between the ministry of Moses in the Old Covenant and Christ in the New Covenant. Hebrews says the New Covenant in Christ is so glorious the Old Covenant has no glory in comparison. John, in his gospel, says truth and grace are realized and embodied in Jesus Christ. Reading these without careful attention can lead one to believe the Old and New Covenants in opposition to one another, at war even.

But in reality we have one Bible, one gospel, one God, one salvation. Rather than conflict, there is a wonderful harmony between Christ and Moses, law and grace. A good illustration of that harmony is to think of the law as the root and the New Covenant as fruit. There is a living connection between the two and one would be incomplete without the other.

In the book John Snyder and Steve Crampton are using for this podcast series, The Law and Grace by Ernie Reisinger, there are several quotes from John Calvin we have found incredibly helpful. Due to time, we will only get to half the quotes in this episode. We will discuss the rest of them next week.

The Grace of Law: A Study of Puritan Theology:

The Law and the Gospel by Ernie Reisinger:

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