How Has Christianity Changed the World?


We know we’re living in a time when the perception of Christian values isn’t always favorable. But the truth is that Christian values have shaped our modern world in many positive ways. How Christianity Transformed the World explores the stories of Christian men and women who have influenced education, medicine, philanthropy, human rights, and other foundations of society. 

More of a sweep through the centuries than a theology book, How Christianity Transformed the World  will show you how Jesus’ teachings and Christian virtues have positively impacted society throughout the generations. Even if you’re not much of a history buff, you’ll find it fascinating to learn about how Christians defended the sanctity of life all the way back in 350 AD. You’ll also discover that the Magna Cara was based on the biblical views of some of England’s medieval kings.

Each chapter in this book is self-contained, so you don’t necessarily need to read it from beginning to end. With this format, you can easily explore topics that pique your interest. How Christianity Transformed the World is also filled with recommended additional resources to help you better understand our culture’s most complex questions. 

In a critical society that says that Christianity is intolerant of human rights and that Christians are on the wrong side of history, this book will remind you that our faith’s truths can hold up to scrutiny. To find out how the Bible, Christians, and Christianity have had a revolutionary impact on humanity, read  How Christianity Transformed the World today!

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