Realities of Revival IV: Sermon from George Whitefield – The Method of Grace

Due to a sickness in the team, we were unable to film an episode for this week’s podcast. But this led us to a wonderful opportunity. Years ago Andrew Davies visited Christ Church New Albany. While he was here, we recorded him presenting five great sermons used during times of revival in America and England.

Since we highlighted the sermons of George Whitefield, a preacher God used mightily during the Great Awakening, in earlier episodes of this series, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to present to you one of his sermons read by Andrew Davies so many years ago.

The sermon is titled “The Method of Grace.” We have found it helpful to our souls in the past and we pray it is a blessing to you. Next week we will be back with our normal production.

If you would like the text of the sermon, you can read it here:

A recent article by Jeremy Walker on revival:

Books we found helpful in this series:

The Fulfilling of the Scripture by Robert Flemming Physical Copy:

Revival by Richard Owen Roberts

Revival: A People Saturated with God by Brian Edwards

Revival of Religion

Lectures on Revival by William Sprague

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