Revivalism (w/ Ken Jones)

For today’s episode, Jon and Justin are joined by Ken Jones (pastor of Glendale Baptist Church and host of Saints and Sinners Unplugged). The guys talk about revivalism. There are two distinct traditions within American Protestantism: one is the confessional/ordinary means of grace tradition; the other pietistic and revivalistic. What are the differences between the two? What about the First Great Awakening? What is it that characterizes any genuine movement of God?

Semper Reformanda is included in today’s episode for free!

Semper Reformanda: Jon, Justin, and Ken answer the question, “What do we make of the Puritans?” And then, the guys go on do discuss the Marrow Controversy and how it is applicable to today.

Ken’s Show – Saints and Sinners Unplugged

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