The Eternal God of All Comfort

The Eternal God of All Comfort

First, God does not forget his own. He never will. That is so good to know. And second, all this is based on the fact that Christ came to restore lost sinners to a right relationship with God. Those who turn to him in faith and repentance can experience the most glorious of homecomings – one that brings us deep peace and comfort now, and that will be fully realised when we meet him in the next life.

An eternal God who never changes is a great comfort and consolation to grieving, hurting and suffering people. That message is found throughout Scripture. ‘God is a very present help in times of trouble’ – and so is his word. When we are going through deep waters, it is amazing just how helpful and healing Scripture can be.

I write this piece because – as with all people – tough times continue. And sometimes it seems that one calamity and trial piles up upon another. As many of you know, I lost my wife to cancer a month ago. And ten days ago her dad was taken to hospital. This morning he too passed away.

It is tough on all of us, especially my sister-in-law who has now lost all of her immediate family (but she still has a terrific husband and two grown sons). Yes, we all suffer in so many ways, and I think that while we will have to go through another funeral and so on, some other folks certainly can seem to suffer so much more.

I think of those in Ukraine for example, so many of whom have not only lost many loved ones and family members, but often have literally lost everything, including their own homes and possessions. But all loss is tough to bear nonetheless, and each bit of suffering is unique and equally tragic.

Prayers of course are appreciated, especially for my sister-in-law. But as I say, Scripture abounds with words of comfort and hope. In my morning reading I came upon another such passage. It is found in Isaiah 49.

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