The Form of God Who Took Our Form

The Form of God Who Took Our Form

Forsaken, hated, and despised

A child of wrath, no hope, forlorn,

Cast down by sin, by anger torn

Our hopelessness was not disguised.

Who can reverse this solemn state?

Who can turn sour into sweet?

Who can our mortal trespass meet?

Who can our crooked souls set straight?

A Scandal! God breathed human air;

Unjust that good would die for sin;

Absurd that we must die to win!

Resist? Embrace sin’s deep despair.

The Form of God who took our form

An endless debt by blood to pay.

Both man and God appeared that day,

When Christ, the saving Lord was born.

No more forsaken, no more wrath

No longer hated or cast down

A tender babe, a cross, a crown

He came to set redemption’s path.

Based loosely on Ephesians 2 and Philippians 2

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