The Heart of Hermeneutics—Part 2

The Heart of Hermeneutics—Part 2

The Jewish leaders did not seek the glory that comes from God.  Which meant that they did not have the love of God in them (John 5:37-44). It is not possible to rightly handle God’s word if the love dimension is missing.  

What Did Jesus Say about Bible Study?

In John 5, Jesus is both in trouble and on trial.  He had healed a man on the Sabbath and then made himself equal with God when confronted by the authorities.  His extended speech in verses 19-47 is actually a legal defense speech in what had quickly become a capital trial.  By the time we get near the end of the chapter, Jesus is actually turning the tables and putting the Jewish authorities on the back foot.

Jesus knew that he needed a second witness.  But as the angry leaders looked at this man from Nazareth, they could not see anyone standing with him.  However, he had the best witness of all: God himself.  The problem was on their side though, because according to Jesus, they had never heard God’s voice, nor seen God’s form, and they did not have God’s word abiding in them.

Bible Study Experts?

Understandably these Jewish leaders would have balked at that diagnosis of their spiritual state.  They, of all people, spent the most time with their nose in the scrolls.  They were the Bible men of their day.  They could quote more of the Old Testament from memory than many Christians today have even read.  And yet, Jesus was right.  Something was missing.  And it meant that their hermeneutical approach was rendered useless.

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