The Lies of “Born This Way”

The Lies of “Born This Way”

The lie of “born this way” has been used to justify exposing children to sexual material and teaching them about gender ideology at ever-younger ages. Coaston handwaves away these influences, even as she writes about the increase in LGBTQ identification that shows that they are succeeding in recruiting children into rainbow identities.

The LGBTQ movement was built on a lie, and New York Times writer Jane Coaston is irate that people are noticing. She professes to be concerned by a “very strange complaint from some critics. L.G.B.T.Q. people are OK in theory, they seem to argue, but there are simply too many of them.”

Of course, the point is that the sudden exponential increase in self-proclaimed rainbow identities shows that the mantra of “born this way” is a lie. It is now obvious that LGBTQ identities are being spread by social contagion, which means they are not all innate, immutable, and essential aspects of a person’s authentic self.

Though it was not widely publicized, the search for a “gay gene” ended in failure a few years ago. Rather than crude genetic determinism, the development of our sexual desires is complex and often fluid, with environmental and social factors playing crucial roles. The reality of human sexuality is far more complicated than “born this way.”

There is no objective test to determine whether someone is transgender.

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