Thursday, January 25, 2024

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Part I (00:13 – 12:47)
We are Watching the Biggest Schism in American Protestant History: The Staggering Numbers of the UMC Split Come to Light

Part II (12:47 – 16:17)
Red and Blue America Shows Up in the UMC Split: The Worldview of Geography Behind the Headlines

Part III (16:17 – 18:34)
The Short Hermeneutical Jump from Ordination of Women to LGBTQ Affirmation: Conservative Methodists Have Many Other Issues to Face

Part IV (18:34 – 19:28)
Why So Little Media Coverage on This Great Protestant Disaffiliation? The Secular Shift of Attention in a Post-Christian America

Part V (19:28 – 25:50)
Don’t Save Us If You’re a Conservative: Recent Sale of Baltimore Sun Has Alarm Bells Ringing on the Left

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