Watch the Documentary ‘Revival: The Work of God’

When was the last time you prayed for revival? Church history is full of examples of God’s extraordinary work in the lives of ordinary people, and the video documentary Revival: The Work of God will give you a front-row seat to see the role that true revival has played in the spread of the Gospel throughout the generations.

In a two-hour journey from Pentecost to the present day, this engaging film explores periods of history when the Gospel spread despite the spiritual darkness characteristic of the day. Divided into eight chapters, Revival will take you to key places like England during the Reformation, America in 1734, Wales during the evangelical awakening, and Northern Ireland in 1859. Through beautiful cinematography and compelling interviews, you’ll learn about memorable sermons in church history and be inspired by pastors like Jonathan Edwards.

Narrated by Jeremy Walker and including commentary from historians and pastors like Sinclair Ferguson, Revival will show you how God sparked biblical faith across Europe and the US in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. You’ll learn about unforgettable past revivals and the ways God displayed His power through church leaders, including many Puritans. Importantly, you’ll be encouraged to pray expectantly for revival today!

Revival comes with both a DVD and streaming option for viewing so you can watch the film however you choose. The streaming option comes with hours of bonus material, including more than twenty hours of conference sessions, sermons, and interviews. You can also download free study guide materials to help you facilitate discussion with your small group if you’d like to dive deep into church history.

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