What Happens When a Society Abandons Christianity?

What Happens When a Society Abandons Christianity?

Written by Rev. Calvin Robinson |
Wednesday, May 10, 2023

The choice is not a Christian society or a secular society. The choice is increasingly becoming between a woke society and an Islamic society, both of which are oppressive. If we truly want to be free, and live lives in truth, beauty, and goodness, the only option is to return to a Christian society. That means Christians need to stand firm in the faith.

What does a post-Christian West look like? Liberals argue that it is a secular society free of the “antiquated oppressions” of religion. Conservatives might argue that we get our moral compass from Christianity, and without it, we have a limited understanding of truth, beauty, and goodness.

Either way, I’m not convinced we’re entering a period of agnosticism or atheism. It seems to me as Christianity shrinks away into the corners of Western society, another faith is being promoted to take its place as the default.

I would argue that liberals are handing over the reins to Islam.

In the Midlands of England, Bradford Cathedral made the news for hosting a large Iftar event. Iftar is the breakfast meal of Muslims who are fasting throughout Ramadan. For a place of Christian worship to be hosting such an event will be held up by liberals as inclusive. But to Christians, it may be seen as offensive, to the point of sacrilege, especially if prayers are said during the event. Some Christian leaders seem to have lost all sense of the sacred and instead focus on temporal matters, worshipping the god of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity over our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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