When All Means All

Last week John took a look at John the Baptist bringing doubts to Jesus Christ. It was the result of John’s study of Scripture not matching up with what he was seeing and expecting. So he brought doubts to Jesus.

This week, John Snyder is taking another look at Christ in a way that will, prayerfully, help us as we enter 2024. The central thought comes from Matthew 11, with Jesus saying, “Come to Me all who are weary and heavy-laden.” The problem with golden passages like this is that we are so familiar with them that we think we have mastered all the meanings and applications of the passage, but we certainly have not. So John seeks to add weight to the passage by examining it closer, particularly focusing on the little word “all.”

This word is incredibly important, weighty, and precious to those who have come to Christ. And it should be terrifying those who are independent and rebellious against the Savior who has stooped to offer salvation to them.

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