When in Weakness… Here’s How to Respond

When in Weakness… Here’s How to Respond

Paul boasted in his infirmities so that the power of Christ would rest upon him. In other words, he had perspective on life’s greatest hardships. He was strong with Christ’s help and for Christ’s sake. Paul accepted, eventually even welcomed, his weaknesses because he knew that God used his weaknesses to make him strong for Jesus. 

In 2 Corinthians, Paul makes a defense of his ministry against those in the church who were criticizing him. These critics were hurting the church of Corinth. Paul writes to them his fourth letter to the church, both defending himself and encouraging them to remain faithful in their walk with Jesus Christ. In this paragraph, Paul explains how God works in life to help him change and provides grace in weakness.

Notice Paul’s Resolve

Paul boasts in his weakness and not as a fool (vv. 1-6). He only boasts because he is responding to his critics (v. 1). He explains this incredible experience from fourteen years earlier where he either went to heaven or received a vision of it from God; although spectacular, Paul determined his experience is not worth discussing (vv. 2-4). Paul uses the third person to refer to himself. The vision is so spectacular, he cannot even describe the incredible nature of it. In fact, he is not allowed to tell all the spectacular things that he experienced – and that God has in store for us too. An absolutely incredible experience – possibly one of the greatest since Pentecost – and Paul does not boast in it. Instead, Paul will only boast in his infirmities (vv. 5-6).

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