A La Carte (April 18)

A La Carte (April 18)

Good morning from somewhere far out over the Pacific as I make my homeward journey. Blessings to you today!

(Yesterday on the blog: Behind-the-Scenes: Conference Speaking)

George Verwer (1938–2023)

Justin Taylor has written a lovely obituary for mission mobilizer George Verwer who “went to be with his Lord and Savior after a two-month battle with Sarcoma cancer. He is survived by his wife,Drena, and their three children, Ben, Daniel, and Christa.” (See also Christianity Today)

What Comes to Mind When You Think of Heaven?

Renee Zou wants you to think about heaven. “How can we remind ourselves that eternal life is real, and we are heading for it? How do we increase our desires to be in the new creation? Here are four ways to help ourselves and others along the journey home.”


“We had never prayed so much before,” shared Lyena, a Ukrainian woman whose home was destroyed in the war. “I had never read the Psalms so thoughtfully before. It was the encouragement that brought tears of gratitude and joy. I realized that only when you walk through the valley of mortal darkness, you learn to completely trust God, and then you are not afraid, because the Lord is with you.” (Sponsored Link)

Hebrews 11 and Cancel Culture

Jim Newheiser: “Cancel culture has … come to evangelical Christianity as both contemporary and historical figures are judged to be unworthy because they said or did something deemed to be oppressive or incorrect. Former allies are persona non grata. What once were close personal friendships have been severed.”

Called to Sacrifice

“Several years ago, a man in our church who had spent much of his life as a missionary in Africa spoke of not liking the word ‘sacrifice’ in reference to his service. He said it was his privilege to serve the Lord and not at all a sacrifice.” And while that may be true, God really does call us to sacrifice in a number of ways.

I’d like a refund for this cup of suffering

“I have a journey before me, but I’m standing at the front desk with a complaint, ‘Excuse me, sir, I specifically asked that this cup would be taken from me. And yet, behold, still there is a cup. I would like this to be rectified.’ And Jesus comes alongside me to guide me. ‘Yet not what I will, but what you will,’ He coaches me.”

There Is a Healthy Hatred

”There is, according to God’s Word, a kind of healthy hatred.” Justin Huffman explains what it is.

Flashback: The Best Argument for Using a Printed Bible

When you have run your race and received your reward, your Bible will live on as a testimony to your interests, to your character, and ultimately, to your Christian profession.

You are not in this parenting drama alone…because the One who is without weakness is with you, and he does his best work through those who admit that they are weak but in weakness still heed his call. —Paul David Tripp

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