A La Carte (August 14)

A La Carte (August 14)

Here is one more reminder that Truth for Life (Alistair Begg) is featuring Seasons of Sorrow this month. You can purchase it for just $7 or get it free with a donation of any amount. It has never been easier to get a copy to read for yourself or to give away.

(Yesterday on the blog: How We Worshipped on One Sunday in August)

Christianity and Transgenderism: A Youth Group Session

Rhys Laverty has shared what could prove a very helpful session to use with your youth group.

Why Everyone Started Talking About Expositional Preaching

“Expositional preaching is enjoying a revival. Why?” In a longform article, Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra tries to get to the bottom of it.

Not Yet in the Fold

This article considers those people who may spend a good deal of time with a church even though they have not yet become Christians. It suggests we consider them as a distinct category and make sure we don’t overlook them.

Back To School Prayer Guide – 2023 Edition

“It’s Back To School time! As parents, grandparents, guardians, friends and others in the community, we begin a new school year with many concerns, apprehensions, and hopes. What better way to begin this school year than to begin in prayer? Here is a Back to School Prayer Guide to help you both now and throughout the school year. This prayer guide is general enough to fit all types of education (public, private, co-ops, college, homeschool).”

The Urgency of Friendships

Jill Noble: “I clearly remember the conversation where I was misled about the importance of women’s friendships. This wrong information was presented to me in the direst of tones and with the most earnest of facial expressions.”

What We Know about the People behind the Dead Sea Scrolls

Most of us know the connection between the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Essenes. But who were these people?

Flashback: A Bunch of Good Reasons To Saturate Your Worship Services in the Bible

I have never attended a church that had too much Bible. It would be very nearly impossible to let God’s voice through God’s Word be too prominent in our gatherings.

No man falls through his own weakness merely; if he rely on God, the strongest foe cannot shake him. —Adam Clarke

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