A La Carte (August 16)

A La Carte (August 16)

Good morning from beautiful, chilly New Zealand.

This week Westminster Books has a deal on the new CSB Life Counsel Bible.

Today’s Kindle deals include another pretty good little list of titles.

My Heavenly Father Taught Me Not to Hate My Earthly One

Dudu Mkhize explains her troubled relationship with her father and then tells what healed it.

When Puzzles Drive Me Mad

Chris Thomas: “I’m the kind of guy that likes to have stuff figured out, to have it all squared away and packaged neatly (preferable alphabetised). Not knowing, or seeing the gaps, mean that puzzles are prone to driving me mad. I need to solve the mystery. This makes me a tenacious problem solver: 1. Define the mystery 2. Figure out the steps 3. Win! Easy.”

Victoria’s Anti-Conversion Legislation Promotional Is A Soothing Bed-Time Story

Australia’s state of Victoria has passed what is probably the world’s strongest law against so-called conversion therapy. They released a video to explain it and Stephen McAlpine gave it a look. “So soothing. So seductive. Its narrated in the most calm, wonderful sleepy-bye-byes bedtime story voice one could ever hope for. Before reading any further on this blog post, have a watch. A watch, and a listen. Especially a listen.”

100 Bible Trivia Questions

If you’re in the mood for some Bible trivia, Logos has got you covered.

When the Fireworks of Marriage Stop

”If you’re married, can you recall the fireworks from your wedding day? What about the months following? Was the world teeming with possibilities—the cup of adventure overflowing with magic? Did you believe anything was possible, and nothing could stand in the way of your dreams, goals, desires, love? Did you feel weightless, like a feather floating on a summer breeze?”

Can Preventative Medicine Become the Fountain of Youth?

“The fountain of youth. The elixir of life. The golden apple. For centuries, such myths have reflected humankind’s obsession with immortality. With the right magic, the stories proclaim, we can unnaturally lengthen our lives. With enough bravery and smarts, we can evade the cruel grasp of death. Such promises tantalize the imagination, luring us into the false belief that we can escape the wages of sin by our own efforts.”

Flashback: Success Beyond What We Can Handle

Those who pray for no more than they can handle will find joy and comfort in even modest achievements, for they will know and trust that God has given them what is for their best and withheld from them what would be to their harm.

The motion of our praise must be like the motion of our pulse, which beats as long as life lasts. —Thomas Watson

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