A La Carte (August 24)

A La Carte (August 24)

May grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you on this fine day.

There is a nice little selection of Kindle deals to look at today.

(Yesterday on the blog: Let God Prove Himself)

Are you a cheap pastor on social media?

I consider this an especially timely article from Mark Jones. He encourages pastors to refrain from offering cheap advice on social media. This is a phenomenon that concerns me as well!

How Single Assembly Encourages Catholicity, Which Encourages Evangelism

“‘There are many ways to skin a cat.’ It’s a strange saying, isn’t it? I mean, who does that anyway! Even still, the idea finds purchase in conversations about fulfilling the Great Commission and multisite. The Great Commission is the cat, people say, and whether your church meets as a single assembly or in multiple sites and services are just different ways to skin it. I fundamentally disagree.”

What Is Humility?

“When asked in the early fifth century what three graces a minister needs most, Augustine didn’t think twice before responding, ‘Humilitas; humilitas; humilitas.’ When it came to pastoral graces, the great African bishop awarded humility with gold, silver, and bronze medals.” He was undoubtedly on to something…

They Will Never Understand How Much I Love Them

Jacob considers a father’s love for his children and their inability to understand its depth and width.

Days Like Blackberries

Meanwhile, Seth went out picking blackberries and drew some lessons from it.

Jesus Said More about Hell Than Anyone in the Bible

“Jesus spoke of hell more than anyone else in the Bible.” John Piper explains what Jesus said and why it matters.

Flashback: Teaching Others to Sing Sweetly

We sometimes wonder what difference one person can make to a church…Yet as this woman displayed that morning long ago, one person truly can make all the difference.

The main thing that prevents us from understanding the Bible aright is not a lack of hermeneutical skills but our sin. —Tim Chester

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