A La Carte (October 25)

A La Carte (October 25)

Good morning, my friends. May the Lord be with you and bless you today.

Westminster Books has the ESV Alpha Bible on sale along with some new resources for children.

Aged Care Ministry: 3 Challenges and 5 Responses

This is a remarkable article for a number of reasons. I highly recommend reading it. “I lost count over the past three years of how many Christians said to me: ‘Those old people must be very open to the gospel, as close to death as they are.’ It’s a plausible idea, but not at all true to my experience. I did not at all find nursing home residents more open to the gospel, but generally less so than those younger in years with more years of life ahead of them.”

Quiet Time and Evangelism: How Much Is Enough?

Kevin DeYoung considers the guilt so many Christians feel as they consider their quiet times and their efforts in evangelism. He says helpful things like this: “God never meant for evangelism to be the single defining characteristic of faithful Christianity.”

New to Reformed Theology? Start Here

This month, you can receive four Reformation ebooks by R.C. Sproul when you give a donation of any amount in support of Ligonier Ministries. Get to the heart of the gospel with Saved from What?, explore major doctrines of the Christian faith with Everyone’s a Theologian, relive church history with Luther and the Reformation, and go deep into God’s Word with Romans: An Expositional Commentary. (Sponsored Link)

Common Fallacies in an Age of Outrage

Steve Bateman: “In addition to developing biblical literacy, we can ask ourselves if we’re falling for fallacies. Here are seven that are common in our public discourse.”

Why Are People So Fascinated with ‘Lost’ Books of the Bible?

Michael Kruger considers a cultural phenomenon. “Our culture’s insatiable appetite for all things lost has not been missed by publishers. Books are more likely to sell if you can find a way to get some key words in the title: ‘lost,’ ‘forgotten,’ ‘secret,’ ‘hidden,’ etc. … So, what’s going on? Why are people so intrigued by the concept of ‘lost’ books of the Bible? Let me mention two main considerations.”

How to Mourn Over Your Sins

“Spiritual mourning is laden with blessing, and we are to go after it and get as much of it in our lives as we possibly can. The more you know of this mourning, the more joy you will experience in your life.” Here is some guidance.

Sermon Series Ideas for Advent

Pastors looking for some fresh ideas for an advent series may appreciate these suggestions.

Flashback: The Discipline of Watching

The first line of defense against temptation is watchfulness–to be aware of the sins that tempt us most often and with the greatest strength and to be proactive in our battle against them.

A surrendered mind is not one which is no longer in operation. It is, rather, a mind freed from rebellion and opposition. To be Christ’s captive is to be perfectly free. —Elisabeth Elliot

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