A La Carte (August 28)

A La Carte (August 28)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

I am waiting for Crossway to come back with more of their weekly batches of Kindle deals. Crossway, let’s have them!

(Yesterday on the blog: We Love New Zealand (10 Reflections))

Greet with a Holy Kiss? Applying an Uncomfortable Command

David Mathis looks at one of the more uncomfortable commands in the Bible and helps us apply it to today’s church.

On Fearing the One for Whom You Live

“There is something striking to me about the idea of fearing the one for whom I live.” That is, indeed, an interesting thought.

Grief and Our God

“Counseling often looks like shining light into the darkness of someone’s life. Helping them see Jesus more clearly, tracing the outlines of his face when the dark shadows of sin and suffering and death have left it unrecognizable. How do we reconcile the deep darkness of this life with the promised kindness of God?”

Living Wills

Andrew Kerr offers some of his thoughts on living wills—something I suppose Christians ought to be thinking about.

The judgement of getting what we want

“I have long been of the view that one way the Lord gives people over to sin in the church is to give them what they want.” Stephen considers the way God sometimes gives us exactly what we want, even when it will harm us or lead us away.

The Christian’s Responsibility to Pray for Rulers

Blake helps us actually pray for our rulers as the Bible commands us to.

Flashback: Nurture Your Children

Through disciplining and instructing your children, you are helping them understand the sinful motivations of their heart and their failure to trust God. You are leading them  away from a destructive path and toward knowing, trusting, and obeying the perfect, heavenly Father.

God will not protect you from anything that will make you more like Jesus. —Elisabeth Elliot

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