A La Carte (January 10)

A La Carte (January 10)

In case you are looking for books for younger readers, Westminster Books has their bestselling kids books of 2023 marked down this week.

I continue to search for Kindle deals and to add them to the collection day by day.

Aaron Armstrong: “Before I was a Christian, I didn’t really know much about the Bible. Which makes sense, since I didn’t read it. But I had a lot of assumptions about it, the same assumptions many non-Christians have about it. I assumed it was endlessly contradictory, outdated, and irrelevant. That nothing it said really mattered to life in the modern world. Most importantly, because I saw the few people I knew whose parents made them go to some kind of class at their church were bored to tears, I assumed the Bible was boring.” But then he read it …

Melissa considers the wedding promises she would have made to her husband had she known then what she knows now. “I promise that I will love you imperfectly. This imperfect love will carry marks of my selfishness, and the way I tend to think of myself when I ought to be thinking of you. I promise that I will hurt you. I will say things too quickly that shouldn’t be said at all.” Yet there is still hope, as she explains so well.

“It’s here. Again. How can four years go by so quickly? Didn’t we just live through a contentious, rancorous, raucous presidential election cycle? Of course, we’ve been hearing about poll numbers for the 2024 election for about a year, but now that the calendar has turned to January, we must brace ourselves for the roller coaster of the next ten months.” Cindy provides a few prayers that may be helpful to you this year.

Ayman Ibrahim explains what Muslims believe about Muhammad, summarizes the historical record, and then suggests a few ways Christians can have productive conversations with their Muslim friends.

Trevin Wax ponders the first day of the week and insists, “the way we orient ourselves in time—how we think of our days—makes a difference in how we conceive of our life and purpose. Our choices in how we order time contain moral instruction.”

Tim of Red Pen Logic briefly addresses the very common argument that, because Jesus said nothing about homosexuality, he was not opposed to it.

There is some information on a book’s cover that many people don’t know how to decipher. Let me tell you how to make sense of the information about authors, co-authors, editors, and contributors.

Anything is good for us that puts us to praying earnestly.

—William Plumer

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