A La Carte (July 7)

A La Carte (July 7)

Grace, mercy, and peace to you today.

Three Reasons Not to Yell at Your Kids

“Before we had kids, we might have looked with pity or disdain on this poor man. ‘I will never yell at my children.’ But after having children, at some point, that day comes—the day when it’s all just too much. And we yell. And that’s a problem.” It is, indeed.

A Nobody in One Country, Famous in the Next

This is a fantastic illustration of an even better reality.

Win Your Free Copy of The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics

Ligonier Ministries is giving away 100 free copies of The R.C. Sproul Signature Classics, a six-volume collection containing some of Dr. Sproul’s most influential books. Enter the giveaway today for your opportunity to win thousands of pages of faithful, biblical teaching. (Sponsored Link)

The FAQs: Queer Theory and American Politics

This is a useful FAQ on queer theory—what it is and where it originated.

Transformation of a Transgender Teen

“Eva was in a church luncheon when she got an email from her 12-year-old daughter Grace. (Their names have been changed.) ‘Mom and Dad, I need to tell you I’m not actually a girl,’ she read. ‘My pronouns are they/them.’” Sarah Eekhoff Zylstra tells about the transformation of a transgender teen.

The temptation: beautiful woman, or old hag?

“I’m preaching a series through the temptations of Christ, and in my studying I realized that there is a stark interpretive choice a preacher has to make. Is the temptation account primarily in the Bible to give us a description of how we are to resist temptation, or is it in the Bible to show us a picture of someone who fights temptation in our place?”

What Can Protestants Learn From Thomas Aquinas?

If you’re in the mood for some theological reading, you’ll find a new issue of Credo magazine free to read. The theme of this one is Thomas Aquinas.

Flashback: Joy Is for the Generous

Each one gave as he decided in his own heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion. God loves that kind of cheerful giver and God’s people love to be that kind of cheerful giver. God granted and his people gained joy.

Faith stands or falls on the truth that the future with God is more satisfying than the one promised by sin. Where this truth is embraced and God is cherished above all, the power of sin is broken. —John Piper

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