A La Carte (November 21)

A La Carte (November 21)

Logos users will want to keep tabs on the Cyber Week Sale that launched yesterday. Lots of commentaries, reference works, and other material is on sale. And, of course, stay tuned for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as the weekend approaches.

Today’s Kindle deals include a number of interesting books.

(Yesterday on the blog: The Blessing of a Higher Purpose in Our Pain)

Chief Cheerleader

Patsy writes about the importance of having and being a cheerleader in the race of life. “I pray you have at least one person standing staunchly on your cheering corner. Equally important, who might need your encouragement? Is there someone in your circle whose trot has turned into a trudge? Maybe your voice is the very one they need to hear cheering them on.”

Slippery Slopes & Finding Allies

Matthew Hosier considers complementarianism and egalitarianism and their relationship to some of the other issues in the church today.

That Bible Verse You Don’t Like and What to Do About It

“Out of the 31,102 verses in the Bible, it’s entirely possible that you don’t necessarily like every single one of them. That some of them might actually get under your skin.” Rebekah considers what to do when you encounter one of them.

Why You Should Wait to Go to Seminary

Should you go to seminary when you are young or wait until you’ve got some ministry experience? TGC has two articles, one that takes each position. (See the other here.)

Am I A Good Mom?

I expect that this article will resonate with a good number of moms. “Every day, I am faced with opportunities to fail or succeed but there is no one other than my three kids under three to see. For the last three years, I have constantly strived to be the best and most God-honoring mother I can be. In my striving, I have never, ever felt more like a failure.”

Arenas Are Cathedrals: What Sports Reveal About Worship

Mark Jones loves sports, yet wants to carefully consider their place in the Christian life. “Professional sports reveal that we were made to worship, celebrate glory, and admire excellence. We are worshiping beings. It is not whether we worship but what or whom we worship. And many today worship sports in some form or another.”

Flashback: To the Impetuous and Impulsive

Know that God uses all kinds of people to carry out his good and glorious purposes. Embrace the personality rather than squelching it.

There is no panic in Heaven! God has no problems, only plans. —Corrie ten Boom

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