A La Carte (November 9)

A La Carte (November 9)

I mentioned yesterday that I’d make my recent “Getting the Most Out of Logos” webinar available for those who were not able to attend on Tuesday evening. We fixed up that portion where my screen went blurry, then uploaded it to Logos. It’s now there for you to view. On that same page, you can find the discount codes for both new purchases and upgrades. Those codes are valid until 11:59 PM on November 14.

I updated the ChristianBook.com deals page. There are lots of Bibles and books currently on sale.

(Yesterday on the blog: How To Draw Near To The Throne of Grace)

Christianity and Functional Liberalism (or How Evangelicalism Denies the Faith)

This is a lengthy and urgent article about what the authors see as a “rapid, cross-denominational apostasy” that has recently swept over the church.

Turning from God does not lead to a better society

This much shorter article considers that turning from God never leads to a better society. “Living according to the rules set by some god seems oppressive. It would be far better to live however we wanted, to worship (or not) as we felt like, and to just do what seemed best to us. Even for those who have grown up in the church, we can feel like those outside the church have a freer, easier life.”

The Church: A Family of Redemption

“The local church paints a picture of a greater reality: God takes broken people and makes them whole through the family of God. He has sent his son Jesus Christ to redeem a people—his people—to himself that they might enjoy him forever. This is an eternal and unfading family, but it’s also a family for the not-yet season that we live in.”

How Do You See People?

Sylvia writes about a topic I have been considering as well: the way we see other people. “I often see people with labels attached, and those tags may either dismiss or enlarge who they are in my esteem.”

Church Growth: The Place of Metrics in Evaluating Ministry

“Attending a conference, denominational synod, or church planting seminar, you do not have to wait long before you are discussing numbers and attendance. It’s not even that people specifically ask how big your church is. It is more that the question, ‘How’s it going?’ either has the implied meaning of ‘how many people are attending your church?’ or we instinctively answer with metrics.”

Church Planting

9Marks has released a new issue of their journal, this one dealing with church planting. There are many articles to read, all for free.

Flashback: Fears and Fleeting Faith

In their troubles they fled to Jesus. In their uncertainty they cried out to their master. But they came to him in fear and doubt, not in faith.

When in doubt, do nothing, but continue to wait on God. When action is needed, light will come. —J.I. Packer

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