A La Carte (October 30)

A La Carte (October 30)

Good morning. Grace and peace to you.

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(Yesterday on the blog: The Secret of a Blessed, Useful Life)

What Do Israel’s Food Laws Have to Do with Our Holiness?

“When we get to Leviticus in our Bible reading plans, how many of us read every word of chapter 11? It’s not most people’s idea of engaging literature. The Lord provides a long list of which animals were ritually pure and which were ritually impure. The pure ones could be eaten; the impure ones couldn’t. If we do make it through the list, one of the first questions we ask is ‘Why? What makes an animal pure or impure?’ Interpreters have ventured various guesses.”

Avoiding Quick Repairs in Counseling

This article encourages Christian counselors to resist the temptation toward quick repairs.

Is creation worth fighting about?

“In the creation vs. theistic evolution debate, there are a lot of Christians who aren’t prepared to pick a side. They aren’t loyal to 6 days or billions of years, perhaps believing they need a theology or science degree to be qualified to take a stand. They don’t want to be forced to pick one team over the other. However, when the question is ‘Does this matter?’ then not picking a side is still picking a side. Refusing to choose is only legitimate if this is no big thing. So is it really no big thing… or is it huge?”

50+ Free Teaching Series in the Ligonier App

The Ligonier Ministries app lets you carry a theological library wherever you go. More than 50 teaching series are available to stream for free. And for a limited time, app users can freely stream Jason Helopoulos’ new series, Created for Worship. If you haven’t already, make sure you update the app to unlock helpful new features. Now you can search Ligonier’s deep library to find biblical teaching even more easily. (Sponsored Link)

A Letter to the Anxious Christian

Blake has a letter to the anxious Christian. That probably describes all of us from time to time…

Does Jesus tell us we “can’t get no satisfaction”?

John Beeson: “Sexual sin begins with our heart and moves to our imagination and only then to our actions. There was never a person in the history of the world who committed sexual sin who didn’t initiate that sin in his heart and then his imagination.”

What Does Using ChatGPT Look Like for Christians?

Writing for TGC India, Akshay Rajkumar writes about ChatGPT. “Yesterday’s science fiction is today’s reality. Such power is too wonderful for us, too lofty for us to contain. What are we to make of it? What does wisdom look like in a world of increasing artificial intelligence? How should Christians think about using ChatGPT?”

Flashback: Why Are You Friends with Your Friends?

When there is benefit to be gained by our associations we gladly proclaim people our friends. But when that association threatens to bring us shame, we quickly deny them. Why?

The very easiest way to give resurrection to old corruptions is to erect a trophy over their graves; they will at once lift up their heads and howl out, “We are alive still.” —C.H. Spurgeon

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