A La Carte (October 6)

A La Carte (October 6)

Yesterday was my first day at my desk in a while and it felt so good to be back! I’m so grateful that a pretty significant infection can be defeated by $20 worth of prescriptions. What a world we live in! I’m looking forward to sharing some new articles beginning on Monday.

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When Being Affirming Isn’t Loving

Not surprisingly, Carl Trueman has something to say about Andy Stanley’s (and Pope Francis’) recent attempts to be affirming. “Prophets warn the church when she is too close to the world. They do not go to the world to tell the pundits that the church is not worldly enough.” (On the same topic, see Sam Allberry’s article at CT: Andy Stanley’s ‘Unconditional’ Contradiction.”)

My God, My God, Why Have You NOT Forsaken Me?

“I was a rebel and a deceiver. I loved my sin. Why not forsake me? Why would He accept me?”

Dagon’s Head and Goliath’s Head

Mitch draws a comparison between two stories that may not, at face value, seem to have much in common.

What Old Testament Promises Are for Me?

Christians often struggle to discern how Old Testament promises apply to us today. John Piper offers some useful guidance here.

Already Unique

“I saw an article recently that focused on how three different men had each created their own unique fashion styles. All of them looked quite different from each other, and all of them had managed to combine their clothes in ways that really did stand out from most of the styles on the street. The point of the article was to explore how these men had been able to craft styles that were actually unique, and how you and I could do the same.”

Learning Dependence on the Lord

Barbaranne Kelly writes about learning her limitations. “I consider myself to be a relatively capable person. I know that I have limits, but I thought my capabilities outweighed them. I used to believe that God wouldn’t give me more than I could handle, until he started giving me more than I could handle. I’m now decades into learning how very weak and dependent—how incapable—I am, and how very strong, faithful, and capable my Lord is.”

Flashback: 6 Great Reasons To Study Doctrine

Your love for God is limited by your knowledge of him, so that you can really only love him as far as you know him. As the depth of your knowledge grows, so too does the depth of your love.

Inside and outside the church, the way you live should commend the gospel just as much as the words you say. —Alistair Begg

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