Tactics of the Accuser (Part 2)


Today’s episode is the second of two on the tactics of the accuser, Satan, the ancient serpent who is the devil. Jon and Justin continue the conversation on spiritual warfare and the work of the evil one by considering how he tempts the saints. And then, the guys spend the bulk of the time discussing how Satan distracts us in the church–with things that are not inherently bad; in fact, often he distracts us with things that are good and even appear pious. The work of Satan to tempt and distract us deters us in our mission in the kingdom of Christ. We are called to be sober minded. The guys consider what that means.

Semper Reformanda: Jon and Justin talk more about our calling as believers. We are to be soldiers of Christ who are not distracted by civilian pursuits. We are to look to Christ and set aside things that weigh us down and entangle us. Finally, the guys talk some more about sober mindedness and glorifying God.

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