Tuesday, June 6, 2023

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Part I (00:13 – 06:16)
India’s Deadly Train Crash: Human Error or Mechanical Failure? Sometimes it Comes Down to BothPart II (06:16 – 23:33)
Just One Issue of USA Today Reveals the Transformed Moral Landscape: It Also Reveals Finger-pointing at Both Parents and ChristianityPride month arrives as wave of anti-LGBTQ bills make many states less equitable by USA Today (Charisse Jones)Russian tennis player Daria Kasatkina showing true bravery by coming out by USA Today (Dan Wolken)Senate advances same-sex marriage bill that also includes religious freedom protections by USA Today (Savannah Kuchar and Ledyard King)‘Rejected solely because of your identity’: Homeless LGBTQ youths face unique challenges by USA Today (Claire Thornton)Part III (23:33 – 24:50)
There Is More (and Less) to This Story: The Inverted Math of the Moral RevolutionariesSame-Sex Couples Accounted for 1% of Households in 2020, Census Shows by Wall Street Journal (Paul Overberg and Anthony DeBarros)

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