Weekend A La Carte (December 16)

Weekend A La Carte (December 16)

I’m very grateful to BJU for sponsoring the blog this week to provide a A Biblical-Theological Examination of Melancholy. Sponsors play a key role in keeping this site going, and I’m grateful for each one.

Westminster Book is wondering if you know of an aspiring pastor, missionary, counselor, or teacher. If you do, they’ve got a gift they’d like to send them.

There are pretty much always some new Kindle deals on Saturdays, and today is no exception.

(Yesterday on the blog: Like a River)

While writing a book about deconstruction, Tim Barnett wondered “why so many who deconstruct their faith end up leaving the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” He puts the pieces together in this article at Stand to Reason.

“If you spend any time in Christian missions, you’ll almost certainly notice more women serving than men. That’s what I’ve observed wherever I’ve traveled overseas, and the statistics bear this out. For over a century, women have made up the majority of the evangelical missionary workforce.” Elliot Clark reflects on that reality.

Anne Kennedy has a helpful assessment of what Sheila Wray Gregoire teaches about sex in her books and podcasts.

“15,409 days. That’s how long my dear wife lived on this Earth. When we were dating, we obviously had no idea. When we got engaged, there were no mystical revelations. And when we got married, this number certainly wasn’t written on the back of the marriage certificate for us to see.” Andy considers what might have been different had they known.

“Unless and until adequate answers can be given to these questions, the claim that the Pastoral Epistles are the work of the apostle Paul himself, and not of a pseudepigrapher, or even of a close disciple writing after his death, must be allowed to stand as a valid position based on proper scholarly criteria.”

“Shepherd feet make paths. Up hills and through fields. As shepherds do what shepherds do. Tending flocks. And keeping watch. Under sun and stars and moon. Alert for thieves and predators. Protecting the sheep. And little do they know. Their ordinary feet are about to change. Into the extraordinary. Beautiful feet.”

John and Cindy Raquet parent as weirdly as any of us, but their weirdnesses generally overlap with my own, and it’s for that reason that I so enjoyed reading their book Purposeful and Persistent Parenting.

Grace does not make sin safe. But grace does make sinners safe.

—Matt Chandler

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